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20 interesting facts about Tesla Cars mydriftfun 2016-06-02.. This American start-up carmaker based in Silicon Valley is named after Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor and scientist in the area of radio technology and electric engineering of Serbian descent.. The tesla model 3 is an all.

The Irony of an Electric Car Named "Tesla" Thomas Edison became a household name for inventing the first practical incandescent light bulb. But because of what happened in a small town in Colorado, his bitter rival Nikola Tesla won the bigger prize to electrify our modern grid.

Lithium-ion is the material of choice for Tesla Motors electric cars. Working with Panasonic, they have halved the cost of the battery and increased its storage capacity by 60%. DuPont also sells lithium-ion batteries branded energain for electric cars that it claims are 15% to 30% more powerful than other electric car batteries of the same type.

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 · Though he took out 48 players, he didn’t win the match- the irony of which seems to be lost on Elemental_Ray. He, or at least the Twitter account claiming to be him, has changed his display.

ICE powered cars were invented 50 years later in 1885. Thus, people have been working on the electric car for longer than the ICE car and the ICE car is still better for the environment. Additionally, electric car companies are propped up today by government created incentives for buyers. The two best-known examples are access to the carpool lanes and prime "clean air vehicle" parking spaces in most parking lots. In California, the government subsidizes electric cars with a rebate of up.

The ubiquity of power electronics and the trend toward EVs is a twist that should make fans of Edison smile-if not feel some vindication. As Frank says wryly, "I find it deeply ironic that an electric car using battery storage and charging with fast DC chargers has Tesla’s name on it."

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 · In 2008, Tesla Motors released its first car, the completely electric Roadster. In company tests, it achieved 394 km on a single charge, a range unprecedented for a production electric car. The vehicle’s electric motor was powered by lithium-ion cells-often used in laptop-computer batteries-that could be recharged from a standard electric outlet.